• goodpeopleNick Ripatrazone Offers Short Story Collection with 'Good People'

    Foxhead Books announced today a new book for the fall 2014 holiday season: "Good People" (ISBN 978-1940876139), a collection of short stories by Nick Ripatrazone.

    "Good People" is a selection of fiction that amusingly ambles through the lives of the spiritually restless and religiously furtive - individuals with a conscience who are nervously navigating the intersections of awkward friendships and strained romances. A native of New Jersey, Ripatrazone has created characters that exhibit a kind of East Coast neurosis in their stilted interactions with one another. 

    "Nick Ripatrazone's 'Advent' offers a great example of how powerful [dialogue] can be when done well," wrote Michael Noltemeyer, fiction editor of Blue Mesa Review. "All too often, dialogue is asked to do the heavy lifting in a story, establishing background information and setting up major plot points in rushed and unnatural ways. In contrast, Ripatrazone's sharply drawn exchanges manage to effortlessly impart a sense of each character's values and motivations while still retaining a natural feel."