• “Howard has devoted his professional life to working for the protection and enforcement of civil rights for all Americans,” said EWI founder Marga Fripp.

…We love literature and the amazing effects it has on the human soul. Ulysses ends with Yes, a trumpet to the generations calling us to awaken from the nightmares of history: of mankind, in general, and the history of ourselves, each and every one. Literature is that roaring Yes, and Foxhead claims it with proselytizing fervor. We also like to party like The Who in 1971, though Foxhead is loathe to use the term “party” as a verb, as our managerial staff are, as a rule, over the age of thirty. Such is unseemly, but is now and then required…

That’s from our Manifesto. You should read it immediately. As in now. Yes, the whole thing. Thank you.


Reynard Van Foxen
Publisher Emeritus