• Pre-Order “The Darkling Sky”

    The Darkling Sky will be released on May 22nd, 2015, but you can pre-order your copies today! A Darkling Sky is “a myriad of works of art and literature that leads one to the dynamics of imaginations; finding a twist in all right places.” As a pre-order special, books ordered through the Foxhead Website for LAUNCH […]

Support Rusty Harden’s Kickstarter Program

Last three days of the opportunity to support Rusty Harden’s Kickstarter program for “The Darkling Sky” book, coming in May 22, 2015. Support on Kickstarter includes exclusive rewards, including personalized and/or signed copies of the book, postcards of the Darkling Sky cover, and signed prints and original drawings. And Rusty said “Thank You” to all who have already […]

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Order “Picnic” Today

Order “Picnic in a Minefield” Francesca Recchia is an independent researcher, scholar, journalist and repenting academic. She has worked and taught in different parts of the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine. Her research focuses on the geopolitical dimension of cultural processes. In the past few years, her work has focused on creative practices […]

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Nick Offers Short Story Collection with ‘Good People’

Foxhead Books announces “Good People” (ISBN 978-1940876139), a collection of short stories by Nick Ripatrazone. “Good People” is a selection of fiction that amusingly ambles through the lives of the spiritually restless and religiously furtive – individuals with a conscience who are nervously navigating the intersections of awkward friendships and strained romances. A native of New […]

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Order “Where Alligators Sleep”

Sheldon Lee Compton offers us another stunning collection of short fiction. Where Alligators Sleep is Compton at his best–piquant, compelling, and profound. The collection’s dozens of stories bring readers fraught, masterfully crafted tales, seasoned with the good news of destiny, redemption, and catharsis. Order Where Alligators Sleep today.

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If the Horror Show Gets Much Darker or Bloodier

The entire lit scene situation community harassment and injury deal (See also: Scott McClanahan’s recent dragging through a shitstorm of pure ignorance and hurtfulness) is scary as all hell, honestly.  I’m happy to be nowhere near the radar on any scene, though it may seem I am at times. I’m not, really. If I didn’t push and […]

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